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Critical assassin - Ragnarok Online | Forum Slotted elemental katars keep the same name as the standard ones (ex: Katar of Raging Blaze [0] or [3]). Endow is a Sage's skill which gives an element (fire, ice, wind, earth) to a weapon for 30 min. You just have to create a sage on another account, as a priest slave, and it will be fine . Socket Enchantment - OriginsRO wiki By bringing the NPC the items he asks for along with the equipment you wish to enchant, the NPC will attempt to add a slot (or more, depending on the item) to the piece of equipment. Some items have changes as stated below: Tiara/Crown will have INT + 2 option reduced to INT + 1 after receiving a new card socket. Ragnarok Server 4 Slot Items - tramvianapoli.com

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Thanatos Katar 1 4 220 180 Neutral Creates a low chance of regaining HP and SP from 5% of your damage dealt while you are physically attacking. Consumes 100 HP every 10 seconds. Consumes 1,000 HP when unequipped. Valorous Carnage Katar 0 3 130 0 Neutral Increases physical damage vs. Demi-Human race by 70%. Ragnarok Online - Updates - Episode 12: Socketing Items Episode 12: Socketing Items. 12/8/2008. With the increase in danger of the world the Socket Enchanters have figured out how to add card slots to even more items than previously available. Katar of Raging Blaze. A. Katar of Raging Blaze[3] 500,000z. 2 Oridecon. Katar of Frozen Icicle. A.

A Katar molded from an inferno. Base Level 55. Assassin Class. Katar of Frozen Icicle. Katar of Piercing Wind. Katar of Dusty Thornbush. Unslotted. iRO Wiki Database. Divine Pride Database. 3-slotted. iRO Wiki Database. Divine Pride Database. Categories: Katar.

Katar of Raging Blaze - A katar molded from an inferno.Inflict the Silence status on enemies by a low chance.... Ragnarok Online :: Socket Enchant (Slot Addition) Guide The Socket Enchant NPCs are available in four towns. According to eAthena (Revision 14262), the NPCs in each towns are identical to each other in both appearance and functionality. The chance of success is only dependent on the class of the item being enchanted and the luck of the person behind the computer. Best katar for PVM - Thief Classes - WarpPortal Community


Katar of Raging Blaze The weapon's info window. Info Type: Katar Level: 3 Effects: 105 ATK Adds a 5% chance of inflicting Silence on the target when performing a physical attack. Weight: 120 Source: Eddga, Penomena (unslotted), Socket Enchantment (3-slotted) Cost to buy-- Cost to sell: 22,500 Zeny Socket Enchantment - Ragnarök Wiki The NPCs Seiyablem and Leablem allow a player to attempts to add 1 to 4 slots to a piece of equipment. Each attempt requires 1 item, some ores and Zeny. If the attempts is failed, item, Zeny and ores are lost. Another NPC, Troy, can also attempts to add slots. Katar of Raging Blaze [3] - Item Database - ROGuard

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Ragial is a Ragnarok Online fan site that offers real time market information, server population, price history, and merchant vend history. It currently supports iRO and fRO. Katar of Raging Blaze [3] » RagnaStats.com » Ragnarok Online,… Katar of Raging Blaze [3]. A Katar molded from an inferno. Inflict the Silence status on enemies by a low chance. Class: Katar Attack Strength: 105 Weight: 120 Property: Fire Weapon Level: 3 Required Level: 55 Job: Assassin. PC> Katar of Raging Blaze [3] clean - Pricechecks -… I sold 5 of them, in the last year. The price Always turned around this prices. But look like either I was selling it to low price or the katar's price raised since then.1.5 / 2m for non slotted for sure. As iBlix says, around that area meanwhile +7 [ 3] can go up to 15m-20m.